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March 3, 2021

This episode is about the Jain religion - which has a core principle to strive for causing as less harm as possible for all living. An ancient religion that has existed for more than 5000 years and where life is believed to exist also in, for example, stones, plants, insects and micro-organisms. The Jain community is mainly from India.
What we today call veganism - has in some form been practised within the Jain community for ages. However, still, the Jain community consumes dairy products - but maybe a change will come - since mass consumption and industrialisation makes it difficult to not cause harm to the animals. - Episode 9 - Episode 9

February 16, 2021

This episode is released on Fat Tuesday and is about the Swedish sweet pastry named Semla. It can today be found in both vegan and non-vegan forms. At the same time, the episode also covers a reflection on the importance of the dairy industry to embrace the future. This is also given in light of the ongoing pandemic that calls for limiting the animal industry in order to reduce risks for future antibiotic resistance and zoonotic diseases. - Episode 8 - Episode 8

February 2, 2021

This episode is released beginning of February 2021. It contains reflections on Veganuary and it also shares own experiences from experiments using Aquafaba and also Mungbeans. It is valuable for both vegans and non-vegans. The hype for alternatives to eggs is huge and there are many good alternatives to eggs to be aware of. 
This episode is for all who want to try new things, learn more and be updated. The episode is about 25 minutes.  If you like it - please spread it. 
If you like global perspectives, vegan news, reflections and sometimes interviews - then is your friend. Welcome. - Episode 7 - Episode 7

December 20, 2020

This episode is the last one for the year 2020. It starts with the usual news briefing. After that, we conclude all the content, interviews, research, and learnings that has received so far while producing the podcast. This episode runs through topics that many wonders about such as: what is actually the definition of vegan, what kind of food inspections are done for vegan labelled food, what protection do animal have and how can it become better, how does the business scene look like for plant-based companies and what can vegans do to live in a non-vegan world. The episode is about 30 minutes. It will be an overview and if you want more - just scroll down and listen to the previous episodes. In 2021 we are back with more interesting interviews and insights. Listen, enjoy and please do spread. Season greetings Minal / - Episode 6 - Episode 6

December 6, 2020

A special edition focused on culture - from a vegan perspective. We browse over books, films, thinkers and talkers. In 25 minutes, you will get several tips from heartbreaking documentaries to heartwarming true stories. Get inspiration for yourself and for others. - Episode 5 - Episode 5

November 17, 2020

We interview both vegan psychologist Clare Mann from Australia and also Paula Richter, a psychologist from Sweden working as Climate Psychologist. Both are vegans and are experienced in the anxiety and frustration vegans can feel in a non-vegan world. We talk about the difficulties – in terms of mental stress that vegans and especially vegan activists can feel and how to deal with it.We get advice on communication and we learn that being active for a good cause - is a key to tackle the frustrations.
We also try to understand how vegans, can feel so bad about animal industry and other people can choose to work within it.
The episode also covers news and some reflections on mink farming.
The podcast is produced by Minal Parekh Nygårds and was previously in her native language Swedish - but has now swapped to only be in English. The podcast series covers business, news, society, trends and much more - from a vegan perspective. The podcast can be found on youtube, Spotify, podbean, ITunes and most podcast platforms. The official website is Episode 4 - World Vegan Day 2020 Focus on India. Episode 4 - World Vegan Day 2020 Focus on India.

October 30, 2020

A special edition in English for the World Vegan Day 2020. Focus on India. What does vegan mean and why is India so unique and important when it comes to being vegan. India has top rankings in the world when it comes to milk production and beef exporting.  There is a connection. India is also a country where cows are holy and regarded as a mother. The Swedish podcast has made a special edition with some comparisons of Sweden and India.  Let us all together spread the meaning of being vegan. Join the future. Happy World Vegan Day.

Make yourself comfortable - 20 minutes of listening - for the animals.

Veganpodden - Avsnitt 3

Veganpodden - Avsnitt 3

October 22, 2020

Den globala marknaden för växtbaserade produkter är just nu fylld av villiga investerare. Vilka är dem stora aktörerna? Hur tänker en investerare och hur gör en startup? Vi kommer prata med Hooked Seafood – som just nu startar upp på den bubblande växtbaserade marknaden. Vi kommer även få bekanta oss med investmentbolaget Kale United – som satsar på växtbaserade investeringar. Det här avsnittet är ett måste för alla omvärldsbevakare och marknadsintresserade. Allt är som vanligt utifrån ett veganperspektiv. Det kommer finnas nyhetssvep, krönika och även en genomgång av produkter, exempelvis cykeldäck och tändstickor, som innehåller djur - fast det inte är tydligt. Lyssna i ro och känn att det finns ett stort hopp!


Veganpodden - Avsnitt 2

Veganpodden - Avsnitt 2

October 1, 2020

Detta avsnitt har ett special fokus på djurskydd och djurrätt. Här intervjuas bland annat Frida Lundmark Hedlund från Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet och djurrättsexperten Birgitta Wahlberg från Åbo Akademi. Vi hör vi om hur lagen medger att djur är kännande varelser och att deras naturliga beteende skall beaktas - men också om hur dagens djurskydd inte räcker till för att garantera djuren just det. Som vanligt kommer även ett aktuellt nyhetssvep, en krönika och mycket mer. Välkommen till avsnitt 2. 

Veganpodden - Avsnitt1

Veganpodden - Avsnitt1

September 14, 2020

Här samlas veganrelaterade nyheter och reportage. Hör hållbarhetschefen på Max om hur de ser på framtidens burgare. Lyssna på ett nyhetssvep med vegan perspektiv. Och vad är definitionen av vegan och vad gäller angående märkning och kontroller av veganska produkter?  Och fler idrottare blir veganer. Hör Linda Bakkman på Sveriges Olympiska kommitté om vad en elitidrottande vegan ska tänka på. Och mycket mer.

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